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Monitor Anything - Every Minute - Worldwide Locations
Email,Sms,Rss,Web Notifications - Availability Reporting
No Installation - Easy Configuration - Ready in Minutes


What's this?

Tweedo Monitor is an independent Internet Service Monitoring Solution. A wide Range of Supported Checks are executed from the Customers' Point of View, originating from Locations around the Globe. In Case of Failure, Notifications are sent via several Channels (e.g. Email, SMS, Http). Online Error Logs, Graphical Performance- and Availability Reports are available as well as Email Reports.

Who needs this?

  • Webmasters: monitor Websites
  • Application Engineers: monitor Service Health and Performance
  • IT Administrators: monitor Everything (Dns, Http, Snmp, Mail, Ssl Certs, Ssh, Ftp, Tcp, Udp, Ping, ...)
  • NOCs: Instant Alerts and Recovery Notifications - up to date Overview
  • CTOs: Watch the company‚Äôs Overall Uptime and Availability, be Informed of Every significant Outage

Why Tweedo?

  • Risk Free Trial available
  • Execute Checks Every Minute (!)
  • The Net's Fastest Checks + Alerts
  • Widest Support of Check Options
  • Error Logs and Service Responses
  • Performance and Availability Statistics, Graphs and Email Reports
  • Global Monitoring Network
  • Online - No Software, Hardware or Trainigs required, Easy to configure, Ready and Operating in Minutes!

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Sign Up for any Subscription Plan for at least 12 Months and Get 2 additional Months for Free! Bestseller: Plus covers most Check Types, Validation of SSL Certificates, a Check Interval of 10 Minutes and 9 Months of Storage for Performance Analysis!

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